Week Two of The Fix

We have begun week two, and I have to say that the diet and workout plan is getting surprisingly comfy.  We have looked up new recipes and tried new foods.  My husband is down SEVEN POUNDS!  I did not take measurements that way I should have, and you should, but I can tell things are definitely less jiggly!  I feel better day to day, and have less aches and pains.

I believe the #21dayfix is a great starting point for anyone who A) Just had a baby and is looking to get going again, B) is trying to eat better and isn’t sure where to start, or C) is trying to get into the workout scene.

It’s enough exercise to get results, but not too much to be intimidating.  If there’s an exercise you can’t complete, modify!  Like Autumn says…Just keep moving for the entire 30 minutes!!

The diet is VERY easy.  The plan comes with a booklet to explain everything in a LOT of detail.  There are tons of food ideas in the booklet, and PINTEREST!  You have to love PINTEREST!!  That is where a good bit of this weeks meals have come from.  I love that they are not full of junk…they just look more yummy, and taste delicious!


Spaghetti Squash and home made, out of the garden, sauce!  HUGE HIT!!!


Pre-made Veggie Egg Bakes.  I made enough for my husband and I to have two each morning for three days.  This allows for variety, and it makes for out the door breakfast when needed!



Whole wheat pasta and leftover sauce! 😉  Delicious!!  Turkey sausages and veggies!!

Not only does this diet make me and my husband healthier, but it makes the whole family healthier.  The boys have been, surprisingly, compliant with the new meals.  It, also, makes for a great family meal time!  We make it together=we eat it together. #fitx5

Thus far my favorite workout is the Dirty 30.  It was rough, but I got through it and I felt better for it!  Autumn says to give her 21 days and she’ll give you the body you’ve always wanted…I believe her!!  If you stick with it and follow the instructions, I have not doubt it would work.  It may take a few cycles, depending on each persons starting point, but it will eventually happen.

I can tell the exercises have gotten easier already and look forward to the end result.

For more information, shoot me a message!!  The next group starts August 4th and I would love to have you in it!!


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