Ten Great Recipes

OK y ‘all, I have now lost 6 pounds since starting Plexus less than a month ago. I have been going to the gym and doing workout classes for 2 weeks and some change.

I wanted to share some of the recipes I have come across in case anyone is looking for that type of thing. I had someone recently ask me if it was hard to make the change to eating healthy. Firstly, it wasn’t really a choice. I had to because of all of the allergies I found out I had last month. I found out I was allergic to Earth, pretty much. (Read about it HERE.)

So, let’s be honest…when I found out I have 10,000 allergies I was totally annoyed. I thought I couldn’t eat anything. Now I am finding that while I have had to give up a lot of the things that I have enjoyed my whole life, I can still eat a great deal of things. If I make most anything myself, I can still eat it. Which usually means it’s healthier. It just takes planning and extra minutes to make it. It was a struggle, and still is, when I see something I REALLY want to eat, but it makes it easier knowing that I literally am not supposed to eat it health wise not just because “I want to be healthier”. Now that I am used to it, it’s not that bad at all! I actually enjoy my new diet, as well as, drinking lots of water as opposed to Coke! Those of you who know me know I used to love to drink Coke!

So, on to the recipes!!

  1. One Pan Lemon Garlic Salmon and Asparagus


This is SUPER amazing, and a definite weekly go to for us. I love it; the kids tolerate it, well. I didn’t have asparagus one week, so I threw in some broccoli, instead. AMAZING! This recipe can be found on GimmeDelicious.com.

2. Sheet Pan BBQ Meatloaf Dinner


THIS was way more delicious than I could have ever imagined! I did have to alter it, a bit, to fit allergy needs, but super amazing anyway. I’m sure if you are able to follow the recipe, it may be even better than mine! This recipe can be found on Budget Bytes.

3. Spicy Chicken and Sweet Potato Meal Prep Magic


If I remember correctly, I messed this recipe up….but it was still delicious! Just imagine when you do it correctly!! The recipe can be found on Pinch of Yum.

I actually found recipes 1-3 on Tasty in the 20 Easy Dinner Ideas for When You’re Not Sure What to Make!

4. 5 Ingredient Zucchini Noodles


I have to leave the cheese off of this one, but it’s defiantly amazing. I would have never thought I would have like this type of thing. I’m a definite noodle gal, but this is delicious and can be found at foolproofliving.com.

5. Un-Stuffed Pepper Skillet


I can eat this for DAYS! I did change the white rice to wild rice (for cholesterol reasons), but I’ve had it both ways and it is AMAZING!! The recipe is on twohealthykitchens.com.

6. Harvest Chicken Casserole

fall delicous

This was super great. It’s even super great if you forget to cook the wild rice. AND if you can’t eat almonds, so you leave them out… Don’t ask how I know. The recipe is on delish.com.

7. Healing Foods: Quinoa, Spinach, and Red Cabbage Salad

Jaylajasso Quinoa Spinach Red Cabbage Salad.jpg

You may be skeptical about this one… I have decided I am likely allergic to lettuce, so I wanted to try a salad with things I could eat. THIS is actually DELICOUS! I was pleasantly surprised with how yummy it was. Find the recipe is at jaylajasso.com.

8. Whole Grain Fruit Filled Bars


Absolutely Amazing. When she says use parchment paper, do. Nothing else needs to be said besides MAKE THEM!!! It doesn’t take long, and they can last for a few days—without all the junk fillers. The recipe is on twopeasandtheirpod.com.

9. Frozen Grapes Marinated in WINE (Emphasis made by me.)


Just do it. And don’t be judgey. They aren’t terribly wine tasting, so don’t fret if you’re not a big red wine fan… Just make them. You and your friends will love them! The recipe is at julieblanner.com.

10. BONUS RECIPE- Strawberry Orange Surprise Cupcakes


I haven’t actually tried these, yet. I am making them this week for a friends birthday. BUT they look worthy of the post. I am not 100% sure I can eat them…BUT they are diabetic friendly, so they get the add. The recipe is on eatingwell.com.

***I have edited all of these recipes to fit my diet. (Except maybe #10) All the pictures you see came from the website the recipe comes from. Neither my cooking skills, nor my photography skills look this good.

I hope you enjoy!

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Healthy Morning Real Talk

Ok, we need to talk about the realness of my current situation…

I have been eating “healthier” for about a month, and eating none of my allergens, whatsoever, for….a week, I believe. I started taking Plexus three days ago.

My acid reflux has decreased immensely since changing my diet. I hadn’t seen many other changes… Besides an over all less feeling of blah due to too much nasty food. (If you want to know the definition of “nasty food” comment below and we will discuss.)

What I wanted to talk about out loud, this morning, was the feeling I felt when I woke up this morning. I have been excited to wake up each morning to a slight weight loss since starting Plexus. I don’t think anyone else is convinced, but my words of affirmation, and me speaking it into light is telling me Plexus is helping me be healthier.. and if part of “healthier” means 2-ish pounds skinnier in three days, then so be it.

But, back to this morning- I woke up at 6:20 CERTAIN it was time to get up (I try desperately not to get up until the 7:00 hour). Once, I realized it was TOO EARLY, I put my phone down, and I laid in bed…not sleeping. Because I was wide awake and feeling great! So, I laid there and pondered that fact. Then, I began to realize that I didn’t feel…yuck. And by yuck I mean fat. Bloated. Too large. Swollen. I felt…ok. By no means do I think I feel the picture of health….but better than when the week started? Absolutely.

And we all know it’s easier to keep chugging along when we see something happening!

Today’s photo is courtesy of yesterdays bike ride! Yes! I got some exercise in! My cholesterol thanked me!

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

You make lemonade…duh!  And by lemons, I mean your bad health choices…  And by your, I mean my…my bad health choices….

I want to get this blog totally redone and energized for my new journey!


Because I am reenergizing my life!  I’ve been in a worldly rut.  I’m annoyed a LOT, and that makes me tired and drained.  PLUS, I’ve been having health issues.  Perhaps it’s nothing more than being 36…but it didn’t seem normal to me, and I wasn’t happy with it.

Back Story- I started going to the doctor in May for an issue I won’t name, because you do not want to know…  I went multiple times.  I switched doctors.  No one took the issue seriously.  Said issue was so severe for me that it made me sick for days.  The longest was a 10 day stretch where I could not do much of anything other than drive my kids to and from.  There were days they were fending for themselves food wise…  The doctors did take blood work.  The most useful result was an elevated liver function which got me in for an ultra sound.  (The liver function has since went back to normal.)  The ultra sound showed a “tumor” (benign), and gall stones…  Still nothing to tell why the initial issue started…

I also went for allergy testing (that was supposed to do 2 years ago, per gastro) at which time they found that I am allergic to Earth and most of the food that I eat.  REAL TALK SIDE NOTE- I have since stopped easting most allergens…acid reflux (that I’ve had for years) has decrease immensely…  I’m not even sure, at this point, it was really reflux, at all, ever…

Anywho, I called my gastro doctor to notify him of my allergy testing and mentioned the other issue I had been having (now you know it’s gastro related).  The lady I spoke to told me she would send my doctor a message about it.  Within a couple weeks I was being scheduled for a colonoscopy (that was amazing fun).  They removed 3 polyps.

Full circle….All labs have returned to normal.  OH!!  Except cholesterol…IT’S HIGH!!!  (At this point I’m just giggling out loud all day…)  My liver ultra sound showed no real issue, and my polyps were definitely NOT cancer.  SO, no reason for my initial issue….

What is the point of all this?  I have now made SERIOUS dietary changes….with plans for exercise.  I refused medication for the cholesterol.  I wanted to try diet and exercise, first.  My husband believes with all the things I CANNOT eat now, due to allergies, my cholesterol will self correct.  (Though I’m getting used to it, my diet is pretty ridiculous.)

So, for my initial issue, which is something I cannot simply live, I have begun my journey with Plexus!  I am super pumped about this; I’ve been thinking about it for a while.  I guess it just took my 36 year old body feeling 66 for me to take the plunge.  It’s all about gut health from what I’m reading, and my insides were NOT happy…  I’m a month into the diet changes and two days into Plexus.  I feel better than I have in a WHILE, already!

So, my Plexus why?!  Because I need to be able to take care of my family, and be here as long as possible, while being my best happy me.  I’ll take anything that can help me with that!

With this addition to my life, I’ve got Jesus, the blogging universe, and Plexus to help me on my way!  As well as all the crazy in my house.  And Google to help me with allergy free food…

If you have questions, or you want to come on the journey with me, comment!

Have a super healthy, blessed day!